essential components of the 5S player development model are SPEEd [agility] & Strength. 


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Soccer is a sport that consists of rapid bursts of activity followed by short periods of rest. To be successful, a soccer player must have pure sprinting speed but also the ability to dodge other players and make tackles, which requires agility. Speed, agility and strength are best developed during the off-season so players start the competitive period as well prepared as possible. 

Most Speed & Agility training methods work sprinting and acceleration off the ball, but Coerver Speed & Agility guide athletes through drills off the ball then run a series of related drills on the ball.

It doesn't matter how fast or strong you are if you cannot explode with the ball at your feet.

Coerver Speed & Agility Training Focuses:

  • Acceleration on and off the ball
  •  Recognition/Reaction
  •  Decision-Making Speed (Moving as fast as possible while assessing game situations)
  •  Balance/Body Awareness
  •  Change of direction
  •  Obstacle avoidance / tackling opponents
  •  Footwork, sidestepping, eliminating sweeping turns
  •  Speed specific equipment training
  •  Attacking and stopping ball drills
  •  Covering large area and performing in tight spaces
  •  Education in proper warm-ups and cool downs (Injury prevention)