• Every dead ball is an indirect kick (Exception: Penalty Kicks).

  • Kick off's to start the game, and after a goal, can be passed backward. Kick-Offs must wait for the Ref's whistle to be blown.

  • Penalty kicks are from the marker or 3 yards from the top of the goalie box.

  • Kicking team has 4 seconds to make a dead ball live.

  • Opponents must give 4 yards from a dead ball.

  • If the ball touches the roof netting, it is an indirect kick on the closest sideline.

  • If the ball goes out on the sideline, it is a indirect kick from the spot it went out on the sideline.

  • If the ball goes out on the endline, it is either a corner or a throw from the goalie.

  • The goalie can bring the ball into his/her box and pick it up.

  • The goalie cannot throw the ball over the half way line. If ball is thrown across the halfway line, it is an indirect kick on the half way line where the ball crossed.

  • Goalie must be across the half line to score. Otherwise, any kick from the goalie behind the line is indirect.

  • If the goalie picks up a pass back from their own team it is an indirect kick from where the pass occurred.

  • No sliding or slide tackling.

  • No shoulder checking: all players must make contact with the ball first before any body contact is made.

  • If it is a goal scoring opportunity and you get fouled in the box, it is a PK on the small marker (Direct Kick).

  • If you receive a yellow, you must sit out and your team must play down for (2) minutes. If the opposing team scores before the 2 minutes is up your teammate can come back in to play.

    • ** For Coed leagues: if a male player receives a yellow then you must play short by one male player for the 2 minutes; if a female receives a yellow you must play short by one female player or the 2 minutes.

  • If a player receives two yellow cards within a game, it is the equivalent of a red card and that player must sit out the remainder of the game

  • If you receive a red, you must sit out the entire game and may miss the next game or season (violent red) upon review.

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior is considered a yellow card: yelling at opponents before shots/tackles, disrespectful to the ref and opponents, kicking the ball away on fouls, etc.

  • Free subbing. Play does not stop for subs. Players must come off the field before the new player steps onto the field.

  • If you have too many players on the field, it is an indirect free kick where the player stepped onto the field.

  • Forfeit is a 3-0 win.

  • You must forfeit if you have 3 or less players for the game.

  • The Ref can wait up to 5 minutes before starting the game to wait for all teammates to arrive. After the 5 minutes, the Ref will start the clock and if players do not arrive within 2 minutes (7 minutes total) it is considered a forfeit.

  • You may have up to 3 guest players per game, but they must check in at the Front Desk and have an account with Outbreak Soccer Centers. Guest players cannot play in Play-offs.

  • Youth Leagues: No team can win a game by more than a 10 goal max differential

Additional rules for Arena:

  • Corner kick is where the big wall meets the small wall.

  • Players cannot have any hands on the wall to assist in either tackling, defending, or attacking with the ball. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the other team in such event.

  • Players cannot "check" players into the walls. This is considered dangerous conduct and the players will be shown a yellow card.

  • Players cannot "wedge" the ball against the wall in order to waste time. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team for any ball wedged against the wall.

  • No charging against the walls: no player can "force" their way through a defender, who is not committing a foul, in order to pass them along the walls.

  • Goal kicks must start with the ref, who hands the ball to the goalie.


  • No gum.

  • No spitting inside.

  • No food or drinks on the fields.

  • No hanging on the nets and goals.

  • No cleats.

  • No parents/spectators on the field during game play/half time.

Scoring Rules:

  • Scoring will be based off points, head-to-head, goal differential, goals for, goals against

Refund Policy

  • All refunds/cancellations must be made before the schedule is made for the season. Outbreak Soccer Centers may deny any refund requests that are made after a season schedule has been sent to the league.

  • No refunds are made for injuries, red cards, or season drops.

  • Outbreak Soccer Centers refunds full payment for any league that does not have 4 teams or more for the season.

additional policies:

  • Youth Leagues: While birth certificates and/or club cards are not collected upon registration, they may be requested at any time to verify birth years for league if necessary.