[ages 12 - 14]

Combining the Coerver 5S Development Model and progressive player specific training, center and outside backs can develop the edge they need in today's competitive game. 

Mondays, September 13th

7:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Defender Positions:

A quality CENTER BACK destroys tackles, is dominant in the air and is a general in the back. These are the qualities and backbone of the back line on any successful team.

An OUTSIDE BACK can come in all shapes and forms but a great outside back in the modern game can play on both halves of the field and on both sides of the ball. 

An invaluable SOCCER SWEEPER is top class at cleaning up mistakes, acting as a backup for the line of defense and organizing the players on the pitch in front of them. 

In This Program You Will Learn:
1. Essential Coerver Ball Mastery Skills
2. Playing the ball in the air
3. The role of your position specific identity in the back line
4. The essential skills of your defensive position
5. Communication and tactics that are used in most competitive clubs and programs
6. 1v1 Defending technique
7. Speed & Agility moves to develop better defensive footing and positioning
8. Defining and developing the technical and physical attributes of each defensive position
9. Maintaining defensive shape
10. Leading a back line through communication and performance